PCLP Logo 2     The Pulaski County Libertarian Party is founded on the principles of Freedom and Non-Aggression. We believe each of you, as beautiful individuals, should be free to live your lives as you see fit, so long as you don’t harm another, or their property. We believe the government should only be allowed to do what you would allow the individuals who make it up to do. Therefore, since we would not allow individuals to initiate force against anyone, we don’t believe the government has that right either. We understand that, no matter how noble the intentions behind legislation might be, all legislation is ultimately back by the threat of; stealing your money, locking you in a cage, or killing you. We believe humans are better than having to rely on violence to solve our problems, and are intelligent enough to find these solutions through non-violent cooperation.

We are a county affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas and the national Libertarian Party.

     Membership in the county party is automatically achieved through membership in the state party for as little as $10 per year.