2016 Arkansas Ballot Initiatives

Most people are inundated with information about the candidates that will be on their ballots, but not many people know about the initiatives that will be there as well. We want to make sure people understand exactly what they’re voting on, so they can make the most informed decision, as these initiatives could impact their lives longer than any of the candidates will. This year, we will have 3 legislatively referred constitutional amendments, 3 citizen initiated constitutional amendments, and 1 citizen initiated state statute. Constitutional amendments actually make changes to the state constitution and require the voters to make changes in the future, state statutes on the other hand, can be changed by the state legislature with a two-thirds vote in each chamber (House and Senate). The links below will attempt to explain each initiative as completely as possible while taking a non partisan approach.

(Breaking News: On October 13th, the Arkansas Supreme Court struck down initiatives 4 & 5. As of now, the initiatives are already printed on the ballots but the Secretary of State has been instructed by the court to neither count nor certify the vote totals for them. On October 27th, the Arkansas Supreme Court disallowed over 12,000 signatures from Initiative 7, leaving it just over 2,000 votes short of the number needed, and instructed the Secretary of State not to count any of the votes. Early voting had already started 3 days prior. The links will be placed in red, but they will still work if you would like to read them.)

Initiative 1: Proposing an Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution Concerning the Terms, Election, and Eligibility of Elected Officials

Initiative 2: A Constitutional Amendment to Allow the Governor to Retain His or Her Powers and Duties When Absent From the State

Initiative 3: An Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution Concerning Job Creation, Job Expansion, and Economic Development

Initiative 4: An Amendment to Limit Attorney Contingency Fees and Non-Economic Damages in Medical Lawsuits

Initiative 5: An Amendment to Allow Three Casinos to Operate in Arkansas, One Each in the Following Counties: Boone County, Operated by Arkansas Gaming and Resorts, LLC; Miller County, Operated by Miller County Gaming, LLC; and Washington County, Operated by Washington County Gaming, LLC

Initiative 6: The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016

Initiative 7: The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act

What Are the Differences Between Initiatives 6 & 7