Polling Shows Libertarian Candidates Gaining Favorability in Arkansas

If you were wondering how the Presidential and Senate races were shaping up here in Arkansas, polling from “Talk Business & Politics” and Hendrix College has just been released. On the Presidential side, Mr. Trump leads with 47% to Sec. Clinton’s 36%, with Libertarian candidate Gov. Johnson showing 8%. These results are encouraging because with a margin of error +/- 3.6%, this would still give Gov. Johnson at least 4.4%, resulting in retention of ballot access for the Arkansas Libertarian Party.

In the Senate race, incumbent Sen. Boozeman leads with 51% of the vote to Democrat challenger Mr. Eldridge’s 29%. Libertarian candidate Mr. Frank Gilbert is showing a strong 6% following at this time.

To place these results in context, Gov. Johnson received 1.52% of the vote in Arkansas in 2012 while the Libertarian candidate for Senate in 2014 received 1.99% of the vote. Voters are showing a willingness to vote for Libertarian candidates not seen in previous elections. Now is the time to put in the work and reach out to voters. We need to use this opportunity to really support our candidates and let Arkansas voters know who wants to work for their FREEDOM.

TB&P-Hendrix Poll: Trump holds lead over Clinton in Arkansas

Poll: Gov. Hutchinson job approval two-to-one favorable, U.S. Sen. Boozman up on Eldridge


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