State House District 33 Candidate: Michael Williams

2016 Candidate Filing - Michael Williams 160016
AR House Dist 33 Michael Williams

Elect a Representative with a Lifetime of Experience Living Here.

Michael Williams is a loving husband and father. He has spent his entire life in the Little Rock and North Little Rock communities. Like you, he knows what it means to grow up here, be educated here, work here (as a level 4 service technician,) and raise a family here. He now seeks the opportunity to represent his community in the State Legislature as the Representative for House District 33. He is not part of the 2 party system that has continued to place their power and wealth ahead of the people they were suppose to represent.


Term Limits – Michael opposes the deceptive extension of term limits for State Legislators. In 2014, Arkansas State Ballot Issue 3 was presented as an ethics bill. At the end of the bill, we were told it would “establish term limits.” In reality, term limits had been established in 1992 as a 14 year limit, with limits of 8 years in the State Senate and 6 years in the State House. The 2014 ballot initiative extended the limit from 14 to 16 years, and removed the split between the two chambers, allowing legislators to serve all 16 years in one position.

Healthcare – Michael opposes the Private Option Part 2 of the Arkansas Works Medicaid Expansion Plan. His opposition to this plan is its crony capitalist nature.

Size and Scope of Federal Government – Opposes the Federal Government telling Arkansans how to educate our children, care for our poor, or what our bathroom policy should be.

Gun Rights – Supports Open Carry.

Tax Reform – Supports tax reductions.

Size of Government – Supports reducing the size of and scope of government.

Legislator Salaries – Supports a responsible manner of regulating salaries for elected officials affected by issue 3.




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