State House District 29 Candidate: Glen Schwarz

Glen Schwarz

May The Schwarz Be With You!

Tenacious hemp activist Glen Schwarz is making his tenth run for public office, and you know the old saying, tenth time is the charm!

A graduate of Florida State University, with a teaching certificate from UALR, he is currently self employed in writing, publishing and as a professional petitioner.


“This year I am confident that the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Initiative will pass in November. As a State Representative from SW Little Rock, I will advocate for the implementation of the program, and resist any attempts by the ledge to dilute or overturn it.

Moreover, I will introduce a marijuana legalization bill in my first week in office. I will work to reintroduce hemp to the cornucopia of Arkansas farmers. Using the proceeds from this entirely new industry in Arkansas, I will work to eliminate the state income tax. In summary, ‘More power to the working class, Scotty!”


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