What Are the Differences Between Initiatives 6 & 7

By law, if both initiatives pass, the one receiving the most votes will be the one implemented. The following differences are meant to help you decide if you want to vote for both, one or neither.

  • Initiative 6 is an Amendment to the State Constitution, therefore it would take the voters approving any change in a future election. Initiative 7 is a State Statute, this can be overturned by a 2/3 majority in each of the State House and State Senate.
  • Initiative 7 has a provision that allows some people to apply for a certificate that would allow them to grow at home if they lived more than 20 miles from the nearest Cannabis Care Center. Initiative 6 has no such provision for personal growth.
  • Initiative 7 applies to approximately 38 more illnesses than Initiative 6 does.
  • Initiative 6 provides for-profit cultivation centers and for-profit dispensaries with tax revenue split among several agencies and funds. Initiative 7 provides non-profit cannabis care centers and provides that any taxes not used to pay administration expenses must be used to provide low income patients with medical cannabis.
  • Initiative 7 establishes Cannabis Testing Labs to monitor safety, potency and dosage. Initiative 6 has no such testing labs.

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