The Governor presides over all the state’s residents. All residents of Pulaski County are eligible to run for this office, if they meet the requirements set forth by law. Individuals must; be a US citizen, be an Arkansas resident for at least the last 7 years, be at least 30 years old, be lawfully registered to vote, must not hold any other state or federal office once elected, must have never been convicted of embezzlement of public money, bribery, forgery or other infamous crime. If elected, the Governor serves a four year term, with a limit of two full terms.

The job duties include; serving as commander in chief of the state’s military when not under federal control, deliver annual “state of the state” speeches to the legislature recommending specific policies and procedures, signing or vetoing legislation passed by the legislature, grant reprieves, commute sentences and pardon those convicted of crimes, issuing and authorizing all commissions and grants made by the state, calling emergency sessions of the legislature, adjourning legislative sessions when they are unable to agree to do so themselves, and filling vacancies in state offices between elections.

If you are interested in running for Governor, understand that you will be campaigning in and representing not only Pulaski County, but the entire state. If you believe in freedom and non-aggression, and would like to take on the challenge of improving the state through public service in this office, please contact us for more information on how to obtain the Libertarian Party of Arkansas’ nomination.


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