Chairman’s Letter

2016 appears to be a great time for Libertarians to spread the message of Freedom and open the general public’s minds up to voting outside the two-party system. I have promoted the idea of this being the year of the 3’s for the PCLP. First, we need to achieve 3% of the vote state-wide for our Presidential candidate, in order to maintain ballot access for 2018. This will allow us to concentrate our time and resources on finding the best possible candidates and spreading their messages instead of petitioning. In addition, we will be concentrating on the 3 E’s: Education, Endorsement, and Enrollment. We need to educate ourselves in regards to our candidates, their opponents, and Libertarian views and solutions to political issues. We need to utilize this education to promote our party, candidates and solutions, to everyone that will listen. Finally, we need to help grow the party at all levels to ensure the continued success of the Liberty movement.

Michael D Vaughn